BVT02 Bladder scanner

KAIXIN BVT02 Bladder Scanner


The Feature of BVT02


1. Compact structure, easy to carry and operate


2. 3.5’ color LCD screen, a good interface style feast for the eyes


3. Smart, the main unit just 750g


4. The unique multi-language operating system (English / Chinese / French / Russian / Spanish / Portuguese/Norwegian), meet the different countries’ needs


5. With Real-time image scanning function for easy positioning. Real-time scanning function can be pre-positioned the body section of the side streets, start the probe scanning while the bladder section image maximum, will get the bladder interface 3D data.


6. Faster scan time, Data acquisition time <4S, greatly reduce the measurement error caused by the probe moving.


7. Advanced algorithms can be ensure the accuracy of various abnormal shape measurements.


8. Energy saving features.


9. The hand-held probe equipped with scanning switching, easy to operate.


10. Variety of patient modes, meet different people use.


11. Select the comparison of different images, can improve the measurement accuracy, more concerned about the design of the image details.


12. The machine has a alarm function of capacity prompts, when the measurement exceeds the capacity of the alarm value, the machine alarm tone.


13. Users can preset their own probe start times, automatically start scanning probe function within their specified time, that gives the user enough time to fully prepare.


14. The machine set the standard or Lite version to give users a variety of different options.


15. The standard version display 12 image measurement results for easy viewing if not satisfied with the image; Lite display a large image measurement results at a glance, so that inexperienced users can operate the machine.


16. Clear projection of the bladder and amplified measurement value display, user-friendly observation.


17. Display four measurements, comparison purposes to determine the validity of the measurement results.


18. Long battery life> 5h.


Operation Interface



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